We don’t claim to be 100% sustainable, as we have a long way to go. From our perspective, becoming 100% sustainable can only be achieved if we don’t produce any new items, therefore not adding to the existing waste that is prevalent. But for us, clothing has always been a means of self-expression and a way to empower those who wear it… it’s all part of a bigger story. With that being said; it does not mean that we don’t care about the planet, because we definitely do! We are doing our best and putting certain things in place to start that journey into sustainability. 

We believe you cannot be sustainable, without first being ethical. We are a brand that puts people first and cares about the human rights aspect of the fashion industry, it is for that reason that our garments are all ethically made. We have been able to build a really good relationship with our manufacturer and the suppliers we have partnered with, working together to create the garments and ensuring it is happening in a safe manner. By choosing to partner with ethically made brands, you can be rest assured that the clothing you choose to spend money on, has not exploited or taken advantage of the workers who produced the garments. 

As a small business we produce in small runs, to minimise waste.

We save the remaining fabric that did not get used in the production process, to use for the next collection or re-purpose it for something else. So no fabric goes to waste. 

Our hang tags are seed hang tags that have wildflower seeds within them; meaning that they are compostable and the customer can literally plant them in the soil, and flowers will grow. So nothing goes to waste, not even the tags!

Our packaging is made from FSC certified paper, it is the highest environmental certification to prove that the wood and paper used to create this box is sourced from forests that have been responsibly managed in the most sustainable way, reducing the damage caused to the environment, especially forests and trees. Our boxes are vegan, meaning that the boxes have no materials derived from animals or animal products. 100% Recyclable & reusable packaging.

Our garments are versatile and we made it this way intentionally so our customers can wear the garments for both day & night. We are not a fast fashion brand; through this platform we wanted to encourage consumers to spend in a conscious way, to reduce over consumption. As fast fashion teaches us to buy > wear it once > dispose of it > buy again...leading to garment waste. But we want to show our customers that you can repurpose the same garment for different occasions. Increasing the lifecycle of the product. 

We make high quality pieces, that are made to last.